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International Health Education


Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses - IRON  

The Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses (IRON) Program is designed to effectively orientate overseas qualified registered nurses through the working conditions and expectations of the Australian health care system, preparing them to be work ready and equipped to continue their health careers.

Students are trained and assessed to Australian Standards and are work ready with the following skills:

  • Patient centred focus
  • Clinical competencies including best practice quality care and quality & safety standards
  • Professional and interpersonal skills
  • Technically adept
  • English language proficient


About the IRON program

Alpine Health delivers the Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses (IRON) Program through its partnership with Lonsdale Institute. The 12 week bridging program is designed to support the development of Australian based knowledge and application in nursing in the health care industry for international registered nurses in order to gain registration in Australia.

The IRON Program is accredited by Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) and approved by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Authority (AHPRA). Delivery combines the presentation and familiarisation with theory and knowledge education with the practical application of skills and practices in a supervised and mentored environment in a real workplace.

The partnership arrangement between Lonsdale Institute and Alpine Health combines Lonsdale Institute’s expertise in the delivery of study programs for international students with Alpine Health’s experience in the hospital based delivery of the IRON program to establish a contemporary program of study for international students seeking registration as nurse practitioners in Australia.

Students participating within the IRON Program are required to undertake both a theoretical and practical component for successful completion of the program.


The Partners


Alpine Health

Alpine Health is North East Victoria’s largest rural focused health service and the largest Multi-Purpose health service in Australia.

Alpine Health is recognised as one of the more innovative hospitals and health services providers in Australia. Alpine Health actively pursue diverse strategies to support acute hospital,  residential and community aged care services, primary care services  - home and community care, health promotion and training and education activities.

Alpine Health’s great strength is flexibility, allowing health and education services to respond directly to the needs of clients, customers and students.  Alpine Health holds a unique position in the health workforce training market as one of only a handful of training providers that hold as their organisational remit both the provision of health service and nationally recognised health training qualifications.  Alpine Health offers a perspective on health education, training and development referenced and tied to the provision of quality health service.

We believe that engaging students in the real work for which they will ultimately employed from their very first day in the classroom, results in highly capable individuals and a more mature workforce.

Alpine Institute is Alpine Health’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) TOID 22575.


Lonsdale Institute

Lonsdale Institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with a second campus in Australia’s largest city, Sydney.

Established in 2007, Lonsdale Institute specialise in the provision of education and training spanning three key areas;

  • Vocational Education and Training in the fields of English, Business, Financial Services, Project Management, and Leadership
  • Specialised English Language courses for overseas students; and
  • Bridging program for overseas qualified registered nurses to upskill to Australian Standards in partnership with Alpine Health.

Lonsdale Institute currently have over 1,100 students across both campuses in Melbourne and Sydney. Students are sourced from many countries throughout Europe, South America, as well as Asia including Japan, Korea and the Philippines.

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